El Ahorcado

by El Ahorcado

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Excellent doom from México. Here you'll find heavy riffs, fuzzy basses and crunchy drums. Recommended! Favorite track: El Ahorcado.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Thought I would invest in the El Ahorcado album after having bought the Fume On Split by the Mexican underground doom collective Los Grises of which they are part. This scratches that itch I have at present for all things Mexican and doomy....... Favorite track: Doomed Ablaze.
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Doom Metal


released June 1, 2014

Producido por El Ahorcado
Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Jesús Bravo (Agony Lords) en Irapuato, Gto.
Diseño de arte por Daniel HG (Dies Irae)



all rights reserved


El Ahorcado SLP, Mexico

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Track Name: The End Of It All
No compromise
Godless election
Misanthropic pride

Why would I be opposed to the end of it all?
Our pest invades this land of fake gods
We’re not superior we’re just parasites and worms
So fuck us all

If only all of mankind had one neck
So I could choke it to death

Soulless, putrid waste
Carcass on dead ground
Deserter of mankind
This is the slag of the world
Speaking up

Doom for the world
Pestilence and war
Famine, disease
Erase the human race
Count me in
Track Name: Doomed Ablaze
And here I play with hellhounds and death
Trying to avoid the sleep
Lashing every sense to the limit
Tidal waves coming down on me

And I can feel myself
Lost in time lost in space
And I can see myself
There in the mirror, it ain’t me

In trance
Immersed in a catatonic hole
Satan dwells in my soul

Open grave for me and the undead
Roam the earth, searching everywhere
I see there’s nothing left
I’m condemned

Smoke gods speak the word
And I submit
Their will is mine
I’m on my knees

What a place to stay
Want to rest senseless
Black dope’s got my brain
Head trips, doomed ablaze
Track Name: A New Dusk
There is no other way
Suffocate in real dread

The line drawn
Crossed so long ago
Is a debt owed
Start bleeding both

My hearing’s well
I contemplate
I do it with my own hands
Or first I have her flesh

Honor’s lost
Take the cord snake
Turn the self-disgust
Into violence and hate

It’s already done
And stones were thrown upon the cross
You dare to fall I’ll stamp your skull
And put you in a hole

Here the sinister reigns
Damn you and your sickening mess

Strains of a false ascent
Turn and deform but then compel
To stay

Quickly they’re coward filth
Hopelessly free like greedy pigs

Burn them all
Crush their useless hopes
And make them moan

Voice of treason that waits till dawn
Blind me in warm awe
Was it my nature to crawl so low?

The price is high, the wicked bold
Here I howl speak no more
I know how this will unfold

Torment for the asunder and misery
Weakness, pain lingers on
A new dusk
Track Name: Las Brujas
I tried to slit her throat
I think I saw her with the black god
I failed, it was too late
I lost my soul to the coven of the whores
The wretched ones
They’re vain and their acts so vile
The torture, the witchcraft, the pain
This scum deserves to die

And so they made me watch
Unholy mass, depraved acts
Carnal lust
Pleasure to the goat

Relinquish your hatred unto me
Keep going down under and set me free

Yet I survived this is my story
We must fight back those blackened forces
Raise your torches brothers
Let’s march on to the dark forest
This day the devil’s mistress
Will face the end
Send them to hell in his name

Cleanse with fire and blood
Oh I can feel the joy
Our cause is strong and never unjust
Gullible lambs of god

Here I come Satan with a sacrifice in your name
The smell of flesh burning in the air
Fear and death everywhere, off with their heads

I am a spawn, a newly born baptized in hell
A traitor welcomed by impious hands
I am your slave and proudly say, ave Lucifer
Track Name: The Devil's Root
Cold air leads the way
As the sun blinds my eyes
And seals the dust and the sweat
Like preys in chains

The key to the truth should be nigh
We look for the only holy crown
That waits somewhere on the ground
Earth for the wise

Descended the mountains
To reveal the secrets of yore
And see the real world
Behind all the lies

The chosen ones must be proud
They have found many holy crowns
Earth had them long enough
We must go on

Centuries of growth
Not gone but transformed
A vessel I’ve become as to the soil
I will return
And I will return

Sailing the mind
The universe pries
Waking the divine
Insight at last

All these beings staring with devilish eyes
Whispering to me across the distance and the night

It’s driving me mad
I’ve been left behind
Reality’s hard on the blind
Is there a way out?

There’s a fiend taping my ears
Punishing me as I am sinking deep in guilt

I’m taking the path back
With fiction on my side
My brethren will be left behind
I can’t find a way out

Lost inside this unknown but evil dimension
Confused by the mirror and its many echoes
All I got to see was a shattered reflection
A bottomless pit of fear and alienation
Shadows engulf
The hollow’s reborn
And into the void
I will fall
Track Name: El Ahorcado
They’re coming
And you didn’t heed the warning
But with the sky stained in black
You’ll see through the lies
Only too late

A gift
To a leach
Like me
I kill

Oh serpent cult
You are one and none
Give us your war
Beyond the point of return

There’s nothing
And you will all have to pay
And with no place to go next
You’ll see your mistake
You’re a trivial waste
So fade away

A gift
To a leach
Like me
I kill
You will see

Oh serpent cult
You are one and none for most
Give us your war
Beyond the point of return